AN online prankster who posed as a homeless man in Bradford has praised the kindness of strangers in the city.

Speedo Shy, whose real name is Shayan Shayegani, uploaded his latest video filmed in Bradford to YouTube called 'Undercover Homeless - Test People's Generosity - Money Experiment'.

The 12-minute film sees Speedo pose as a homeless man in a host of locations throughout Bradford city centre.

In the film, six people offer Speedo money and each time he declines their offer and gives them £20 each to acknowledge their good deed.

The 21-year-old University student, of Canterbury, Kent, hopes the film raises awareness of homeless people's plight in the city.

Speedo filmed in the city earlier this month and the video which has so far attracted almost 3,000 views on YouTube.

But this is not the first time he has filmed in the city. His previous pranks in Bradford include starting a pillow fight with random strangers in the city in June this year.

The part-time prankster hoped the stunt would share some happiness. In th film, he threw a pillow at strangers and began an onslaught of pillowing. In one case, some of the people he targeted did not see the funny side.

In another light-hearted video filmed in Bradford, Speedo asks strangers whether they want a 'piece of meat?', where some mistakenly think he's asking for a fight.

Speedo performs the pranks online and hopes to forge a future acting career.

Speaking on the homeless experiment video, Speedo said: "I like Bradford. Since I have been doing these videos, I have gained quite a few fans from here.

"Homelessness is still not going to change even with people giving out money, if they help them.

"It was kind of the people in the video to give it to me. I gave away £120 in six days.

"I just wanted to raise awareness to say what is going on in Bradford with homeless people's lives.

"In the video, I bumped into a few homeless people as well.

"When they gave me money I return them with £20 each. I took a tour around the whole of Bradford.

"I decided to do it here as I heard that there were a lot of homeless people in Bradford. Then I came up with this idea.

"I put some money aside to do this experiment as I believe it will inspire people to help the less fortunate.

"There is an estimate of 185,000 people in UK that are homeless, homelessness is not a choice."