A BUS based on London's new Routemaster vehicle could be coming to Bradford's streets - if the public wants it.

First Bus has started a consultation on its proposal for a 'New Bus for West Yorkshire' which has been touring the city.

The company's three-part proposal also includes introducing smart card ticketing, similar to the Oyster card used in London, and tackling congestion hot spots where changes to road layouts and traffic signals could reduce delays.

An exhibition outlining the package along with a green Routemaster bus has been on show in the city. The public, politicians, Council officers, business representatives and community and transport groups will be asked what they think of the proposal.

First said multi entry and exit points and touch-card ticketing on the new bus will speed up boarding and alighting, therefore cutting journey times. The buses will also have hybrid, fuel-efficient engines that will reduce CO2 emissions by nearly half compared to standard diesel buses, the company added.

Paul Turner, head of commercial at First, said: "We want to test the reaction of people across Bradford to the package of measures we are proposing which we believe could radically transform public transport in West Yorkshire. Over the coming weeks we will be consulting with politicians, businesses and the public to gain their views.

"The other factors that will determine whether we go ahead with this significant investment are the completion of a bus partnership agreement with Metro and the new West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

"Negotiations have been going on between all the bus operators and Metro for a couple of years now and we need the agreement to provide the stability necessary to make major investment decisions.

"In other areas, similar partnership agreements have led to significant fare reductions and increases in passenger numbers."

The consultation is taking place at the same time as the public inquiry into the trolleybus scheme, and Mr Turner added: "Unlike the trolleybus, the New Bus proposal would bring significant benefits to a much larger number of customers throughout West Yorkshire and not just one route in Leeds.

"It could start to be introduced within the next 18 months and there is no financial risk to the tax-payer."