Are you an expert on your local area? A brand new seven-question quiz has just gone online to put people's knowledge of Bradford areas to the test.

It is the brainchild of the Office for National Statistics and lets users type in any postcode to have a guess at answering questions about their area before the right responses are revealed.

People are awarded a local knowledge rating percentage score and either a congratulation message such as, "Wow! have you ever considered a career in statistics?" or a cheeky response such as, "Have you ever been to this area before?"

People can then choose to share their messages on Twitter or Facebook, test themselves on another area or look at more detailed information about the area they live or work in.

Try the quiz for yourself by entering your postcode below.

Bradford Council leader Dave Green put himself to the test for the City ward and was almost spot-on with a number of the questions about age, religion and education - but his response was way out to the final question which was: 'For every 100 households, how many do not have a car or a van?'

He said 18 but the answer was actually 61, he said: "I'm surprised at that just from walking around the area and seeing the number of cars around. It's a bit odd and doesn't add up - maybe it was how many are not registered as owning a car?"

He added: "The quiz is a bit of fun but fairly meaningless. People will enjoy checking out their area or other people's area but in terms of it being a tool to deliver council priorities it's useless."

A spokesman for the Office for National Statistics said: "Statistics can give a rich and surprising view of the everyday world around us.

"It is just a bit of fun, a light-hearted way of letting people find out more about the place where they live."

The answers are taken from information gathered during the 2011 Census.