A charity fundraising drive which last year brought in £80,000 to help victims of the Syrian conflict by selling cakes is going national this year.

The Bradford organisers are hoping to more than double the number of cakes they deliver to doorsteps across the country during Ramadan.

They have also set up a call centre in the city to co-ordinate the massive effort. Money raised will go towards Islamic Relief's work helping victims of the Syrian crisis.

A chance remark by Bradford law graduate Sibbat e Noor led to the chocolate fudge cakes being delivered across northern England last year.

A volunteer with Islamic Relief, he decided that it should be 'a piece of cake' to raise money by selling the cakes door-to-door.

And as the idea caught on via social media under the hashtag #Cakes4Syria the orders came flooding in. Last year they sold 7,000 cakes. This year they are hoping for 15,000.

Along with Sibbat, 22-year-old Sefyan Abdulmula, another charity volunteer, is expecting to field a lot more calls this time round.

Sefyan, who is studying for a masters degree in peace, conflict and development at Bradford University, said: "This time the teams across the country wanted to take it on board, so we decided to expand to Scotland, Wales, London and the Midlands."

The cakes are provided by Bradford wholesaler Seafresh, run by Sajad Hussain, an Islamic Relief volunteer. The call centre is taking orders for the £10 cakes on (01274) 952144.