A ROADSHOW on providing support to start-up businesses in Yorkshire and the Humber is coming to Bradford.

Charity Bank and Key Fund have set up Early Days and Changing Ways, a programme that recognises the need to provide support to enterprises and organisations going through change or looking for new sources of income.

The roadshow comes to Bradford on September 18, followed by the opportunity for one-to-one support sessions.

Cat Chrimes, of Key Fund, said: "The roadshow is designed to provide valuable information and advice on financial resilience – everything from sourcing capital to managing your cash flow. But we can then go on to offer detailed one-to-one support to organisations that reflect their personal circumstances. The programme is funded to allow us to work closely with clients to really provide crucial support.”

Carolyn Sims, of Charity Bank, added: "Working with Key Fund, we have together created an important and practical tool to help guide Bradford social businesses through what remains a challenging financial climate."

For full details of the programme and to register to attend, visit