The youngest pupils at a Baildon school are learning the joys of two-wheeled travel thanks to a new fleet of special bikes which let them whizz safely around the playground.

Alan Steele, head teacher at Glenaire Primary School had the idea of introducing pupils to cycling by providing ten “balance bikes” which teach children the basics of keeping upright, without the added complication of controlling pedals .

“We used some of our Sports Premium funding to purchase balance bikes and pedal bikes for our nursery and reception children," said Mr Steele, a keen mountain biker.

“The aim is that we want to have as many children as possible being able to ride a two-wheeled bike without stabilisers before they leave reception.

“I had to persuade some of my teachers that it was a good idea at first, but the children really enjoyed it straight away.

“We had a company called Bike Right come in to school to deliver training sessions, and were really successful - currently over half of our Reception class can ride without stabilisers.

“It’s been a fantastic success and being able to ride a bike is such a useful skill to have.

“So we are doing are best to make sure the all the children at least get the confidence to lift their feet off and learn how to balance on a bicycle."