Two young sisters were left “dripping in blood” after they were attacked by a dog that locked its jaws around the head of one of the girls.

Molly Watt, four, and six-year-old Evie Rockcliffe had been playing at the home of a friend when the powerful Japanese Akita pounced, according to the sisters’ grandmother, Lisa Reynoldson.

She said both girls had been left terrified by their ordeal, with the nurse who treated them claiming Evie was “lucky to be alive”.

She said: “They were only in the other house for about 15 minutes when they came back absolutely scared to death. Evie was covered in blood.

“The mother of the girl from the house came round and said her dog had got Evie’s head in its mouth. But she said she didn’t know how it had happened.”

Keighley Police have confirmed they investigated the attack, which took place in Cullingworth on May 22, and that the dog had now been destroyed.

Miss Reynoldson, 45, who lives in Oakworth, said the girls’ mother – her daughter Anna Watt – had been out at the time of the attack, so she had been looking after the sisters.

She added that Evie had suffered injuries down the right side of her body, suffering a deep cut to her arm and bite marks to her head, back and shoulder.

She also needed six stitches above her ear.

“The nurse at the hospital said Evie was lucky to be alive,” Miss Reynoldson added.

“I hadn’t realised Molly was hurt at first but her leg is quite a mess.

“She’s got puncture marks lower down her leg and the rest of it is badly bruised.

“Both girls are scared now, even though Molly loves all types of animals. I took them round to see a friend of mine who has a couple of Dobermans. Molly and Evie have always been fine with them before but this time were very nervous.”

Sergeant Diane Collins, of Keighley Area Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “All parties agreed the best course of action would be for the dog to be put down. We can confirm this has happened.”

Despite several attempts, it was not possible to contact the dog’s owner at the time of going to print.