Asian entrepreneurs in Bradford want more to be done to raise the city’s profile and are also calling for the development of an alternative retail offering in the city centre to complement to new Westfield development.

These were among issues discussed with Treasury minister Nikki Morgan by a group from the Bradford Asian Business Forum when it visited the House of Commons.

Led by Fazal Hussain MBE, the delegation also urged the Government to appoint a dedicated minister for regeneration and employment.

They said the creation an alternative retail offering was necessary to enable Bradford to become distinctive shopping destination and hold its own in the region.

Mr Hussain said the group also drew the minister’s attention to the fact that high street banks remained unwilling to provide the lending necessary to small enterprises to help power the city’s growth and regeneration.

“Nikki Morgan was delighted to meet the group and appreciated their enthusiasm and positivity for Bradford, assuring them of the Treasury’s continued support,” said Mr Hussain.