An organisation opposing racism and fascism in Britain has been set up in Bradford.

Anti-Britain First, led by father-of-three Faisal Nawaz Khan, was formed in response to far-right group Britain First going into mosques around Bradford on May 10.

Mr Khan, 27, and Anti-Britain First have bought a premises on Hartington Terrace, Lidget Green, which will be the organisation’s office.

“We are giving an opportunity to other organisations around the world who are against the racist far-right groups to come down and join our organisation and stop racism and fascism in Britain today,” said Mr Khan.

“All we are asking for is peace, and stop racism and fascism in Britain today. We are not here to cause hatred or trouble. We are only here to save Britain.

“Britain is a strong nation because it’s made out of all colours, religions and race.”

Meanwhile, the leader of Britain First, Paul Golding has been challenged to a fight by a British Muslim cage fighter, Umer ‘Bullet Tooth’ Kayani.