Official-looking notices urging people to report “flytippig” to an “enviromental” crime hotline have come under fire for their sloppy spelling.

A reader sent the Telegraph & Argus a photo of one of the banners, which have been put up around the Lidget Green area of Bradford with the Council’s logo on.

The signs have been produced by the Spencer Park Association for Residents, as part of a flytipping crackdown organised by them and backed by the Council.

It calls on landlords in particular not to turn a blind eye to the crime, and urges anyone who sees rubbish being dumped to report it.

The Council is now planning to ask the group to re-do the banners, either correcting the errors or removing the Council’s logo from them.

Steve Hartley, the Council’s interim strategic director for environment and sport, said: “The Spencer Park Association for Residents produced the banners.

“We will contact them about the errors and ask them to either correct the errors or remove the Council logo.”

No-one from the Spencer Park Association for Residents was available for comment.