A rhyming ditty written by a Bradford student nurse to help his studies has evolved to become a catchy charity single.

Sam Wallace, 32, who studies at Bradford University, is behind a single to promote the ‘6Cs’ of quality healthcare – care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment.

The NHS hopes that his catchy song helps countless others remember the 6Cs.

Mr Wallace, of Guiseley, was overheard singing the song in a meeting, and NHS chiefs soon realised it would be the perfect way to both raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Care and help students remember their Cs.

The upbeat, piano-led song features a chorus that repeats the six C’s several times, meaning listeners are unlikely to forget them after even just one spin of the track.

Jonathan Wright, a composer and film maker, volunteered his time to produce the single as thanks for the care he received following a heart attack last Christmas.

Mr Wallace sings and plays a number of instruments on the single too.

Mr Wallace, who is also a care maker for the NHS, said: “This came about by accident and I can hardly believe how it’s grown. It began as a rhyme I’d invented to help me remember the 6Cs, then it became a song. You could say I got ‘talent-spotted’ while using it in a meeting.

“This really comes from the heart as both my young niece and the song’s producer Jonathan were treated for life-threatening illnesses.

“We and our families are indebted to NHS staff for giving compassionate, personal care at a time when we felt most vulnerable.

“NHS staff do great work but the days can be busy and challenging, so it’s important to remind ourselves of the personal touches and strong values that make care great.”

The Care Makers’ Song is now available on iTunes.