Ukip has accused a rival party of orchestrating a negative election campaign by allying themselves with a pressure group.
The party’s Bradford chairman, Jason Smith, said Labour candidates had been telling people not to vote Ukip in the forthcoming elections while “under the guise” of the anti-racism group Hope Not Hate.
He said at least three local Labour candidates had been photographed at Hope Not Hate’s rallies as the group handed out flyers urging voters not to vote for Nigel Farage’s party.
Mr Smith said this was a “very dishonest way to campaign”. He said: “Shouldn’t Labour candidates and activists actually be campaigning for their own party rather than spending time campaigning against an opposition party under the guise of another organisation?
“It is clear Labour are unable to compete with us on the real issues that affect working people, so they resort to dirty tactics.”
A Bradford Labour spokesman said: “This is complete nonsense and typical distraction tactics from Ukip.
“They should practise what they preach and concentrate on campaigning on the issues which matter to Bradford people.”