Campaign boards for the Labour candidate in the Heaton ward of Bradford Council have been ripped down, according to party activists.

Mohammed Amran, chairman of the Heaton branch of the Labour Party, said that six boards had been placed in gardens around the ward on Friday. But by Sunday morning the vast majority of them had already been removed. Two of the homes had also had eggs thrown at them, he added. The boards were in support of Labour candidate Nussrat Mohammed, the only female standing in the ward.

“It’s appalling that people are being intimidated,” Mr Amran added. He said the police and Bradford Council’s election unit had been informed.

Candidates standing on May 22 in the Heaton ward are: Peter Davis (Respect); David Ford (Green); Imdad Hussain* (The Peace Party); Sajid Mahmood (Con), Mike McNally (Lib Dem); and Nussrat Mohammed (Lab).

* Indicates the sitting candidate.