An established city centre food bank is struggling to feed hungry families needing its help.

Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank, based at St Mary’s Church, says demand for its help is fast emptying its shelves.

The number of food parcels being handed out to needy people across Bradford has increased from about 200 a month in January of last year to more than 800 a month now.

The food bank’s treasurer, Keith Thompson, said there was a whole series of circumstances which had driven up demand, including benefit cuts, increased cost of living and a surge in power tariffs.

“People are struggling more now than ever before and we need people’s continued and new support to be able to give all the help we can,” he said.

The charity is asking for donations of non-perishable items, including tins of meat and fish, soup, spaghetti, beans, vegetables, fruit, rice pudding and custard. It also needs jars of coffee, sauce, jams and pickles as well as packets of sugar, tea, cereal, rice, pasta, cous cous, cereal and snack bars.

To find out more about making donations to Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank and to arrange collections, visit