An argument has broken out between two political parties over the alleged use of a community building as a campaign office.

The Respect Party has lodged a complaint with Bradford Council and the Electoral Commission claiming the Labour party has been using The Bangladesh Welfare Association in Barkerend for political purposes.

The association is based in building on Browning Street, which currently has posters on windows urging people to vote for Rizwana Jamil in the upcoming local elections. The centre has recently received grants from the Big Lottery Fund and Bradford Council and Respect is concerned that public money is indirectly funding the Labour party.

Labour councillor Hassan Kha said: “There are over ten rooms in this building with different businesses in. I have a business based in there. The party is not using a charity organisation’s building. This is a shared entrance.” The other candidates for the ward are Ashraf Miah (Respect), Zaf Shah (Conservative) and Michael Stelling (Lib Dem).