Work is ongoing between factory bosses and environmental enforcers after residents complained about noise and nuisance.

People living close to wire- makers Cold Drawn Products, based in Parkhouse Road, Low Moor, say they are fed up with problems caused by the plant.

The site has been the scene of a number of fires since 2012 – the most recent being last week when a forklift truck caught fire and night-shift workers had to be evacuated.

Its Belgian parent group Bekaert last year revealed plans to upgrade the Bradford site to a world-class operation by modernising plant and equipment, systems upgrades and other improvements. The Bradford manufacturing firm was sold to it in 2006 in a £12 million deal.

One resident, who did not want to be named but contacted the Telegraph & Argus, said: “Residents have been complaining about the noise and disruption by this company over the last six months.

“Their forklift trucks are allowed to operate from 8am until 10pm at the side of our housing estate when we have children in bed for school the next day. And he added: “The Environment Agency and the local councillors are now working with the company.

“However I feel the fires over the last few months and noise they are making is putting our neighbourhood and well-being at risk!”

Ward councillor David Warburton (Low Moor, Labour) said: “Councillors are aware of residents’ concerns. It’s not being left – we’re working on it.”

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “The Environment Agency has received reports of noise issues in relation to the operation of Cold Drawn Products and in response to these we are now working with the company to help it to prevent noise pollution from affecting the local community. Our officers have visited the site to investigate potential noise problems, and the firm is currently putting together a noise management plan to help it keep noise emissions to a minimum in the future.”

CDP’s general manager Peter Brooke said the Environment Agency had visited last week and mentioned noise complaints, but they had not been raised as individual complaints at this stage.

He also said open dialogue with local councillors had been encouraged by the agency, but nothing had been arranged or requested yet.

He said no noise complaints had been received since before 2013 and they were all about radios, which have now been banned during night working.