The car was the star as a Baildon man’s iconic Ford Escort was handed the TV spotlight.

Robin Shuttlewell took to the track in his Mark I Ford Escort Mexico on Channel 4’s For The Love Of Cars.

Life On Mars actor Philip Glenister also drove the car on a rally track, with Mr Shuttlewell.

Mr Shuttlewell, a director at Arch Building Supplies, competes in the Roger Albert Clark Historic Championship up to eight times a year.

The 52-year-old bought the Ford Escort Mexico three years ago and it took him six months to rebuild.

The Ford’s victory in the 1970 London to Mexico Rally launched the Escort Mexico, making it an iconic vehicle of that decade.

He said: “It was a good experience.

“I built the car from its bare shell but there aren’t many Mexicos around anymore.

“It’s not something you would want to drive on the road but it’s generally just used for racing. Historic rallying is massive now.”