Health chiefs have said only a small number of patients will be left with their treatment unfinished when a number of services end at Eccleshill Treatment Centre in Bradford.

There have been questions about the future of the treatment centre since it was revealed that Care UK, which has a contract to provide services there, would not continue after July.

So far it is orthopaedic patients and those getting help with pain management who might be most affected by the deadline, according to NHS Bradford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which pays for the services there.

Those patients are now getting reassurance they will be given a choice of where they can go to for their ongoing care, said a CCG spokesman.

Arrangements wil also remain the same for patients with appointments at the centre in the run up to July, and GPs are already being told how to go about referring patients to services as the end of Care UK’s contract approaches.

In the meantime, the CCG is still in the process of offering tenders, either from a single provider or a number of providers, to take on some of those services which have been run by Care UK.

Previous bids, by a number of service providers including Care UK, were not found to meet the CCG’s full requirements or be commercially viable, so that process has been re-started.

Bradford East MP David Ward has been meeting with the NHS Bradford CCG and with Care UK and asked them to produce a weekly report on progress being made to protect services and to support Care UK staff at the centre. He has also said he would publish a report every week for the public to see.

Mr Ward said: “It has rightly received a lot of attention as the centre is a well regarded local community health resource, and that is why it is so important to provide reliable information about what is happening.”

Consultations are starting with staff to see if they can be deployed to other jobs elsewhere. Eccleshill Community Hospital, which shares the site with the treatment centre, Ashcroft Surgery, GP Out of Hours service and ENT Services are not affected.