A teenager whose growing pain was actually found to be bone cancer hopes to get the all-clear next week so she can celebrate.

Tong High School pupil Sarah Bullock, 14, got the diagnosis after a fall at Bradford Interchange on her way to a phsyio appointment.

Her leg hurt so much that she needed an X-ray at Bradford Royal Infirmary which revealed an abnormality on her knee - a biopsy found it was cancer.

After a year of chemotherapy and surgery to remove the cancerous bone and put in a titanium replacement, she was told she was 98 per cent free of the disease. And this Wednesday she will be back for end of treatment tests which she hopes will give her the news she and her family have been waiting for.

Her mother, Tracey Allsop, said: “We were stunned when doctors broke the news it was cancer. We thought she’d been having growing pains like her older sister.

“We’d been back and forwards to the doctors who’d said that’s all it was.

“She was having trouble walking a bit and was having physio to try and sort it out.

“Apparently when she fell the force of it pushed the cancer out through the knee bone so that’s how they spotted it on the X-ray. It was a chance thing happening but it saved her life.

“Sarah has been so strong and smiley through all of this. She’s never moaned or wept about it she’s just cracked on and dealt with it.

“She’s amazing – all the nurses and doctors who’ve met her have had to remind themselves just how young she is.”

To say thank you to Macmillan Cancer Support and childhood cancer charity Candlelighters, who have both helped Sarah, she is planning a 15th birthday party on Saturday, June 21.

And she is looking for people to help make it a celebration to remember by donating prizes for a raffle and auction and offer anything else to make it a brilliant bash at Little Horton Unity Club in Bradford.

Sarah, of Pawson Street, Laisterdyke, has had treatment at Birmingham’s Orthopaedic Hospital and spent time at Leeds General Infirmary’s Clarendon Wing. She said: “I got lots of help from people when I was so poorly. I had a Macmillan nurse. I didn’t need her much though but it was nice to know she was there.”

As for how she is now, she said: “I’m feeling fine. My last chemo was a while ago and I’ve not been that poorly from it.

“I’m looking forward to Wednesday so I can get on with organising my party.”

Anyone interested in helping with Sarah’s fundraising party should contact family friend Donna Taylor at donna_taylor_21@outlook.com.