A heroin user was found dead in a bathroom with a large syringe still in her hand surrounded by 18 empty dealer bags, an inquest has heard.

Roxanne Brankin, 26, of Elmtree Avenue, Odsal, Bradford, had a long history of illicit drug use which had started when she was 12 and had run away from home.

But she had not had a spell of being off drugs for a long time, said her brother Michael Brankin, at the Coroner’s Court today.

Miss Brankin had been thrown out of a friend’s house a few days before her overdose. They had been rowing after he refused to give her a £25 Christmas gift early because he feared she would spend it on drugs.

She had then gone to stay at an acquaintance’s house in Ashgrove, Great Horton.

She was found dead. Police also found a note expressing regrets at her situation and her love for her mother and “mankind”.

The inquest concluded that she had committed suicide.