A charity barge pull which is being backed by the Keighley Cougars will set off from Liverpool on Sunday, May 4.

Nurse Emma Fisher, her husband Gavin, of Thackley, and eight friends will haul the barge 127 miles along the canal towpath from Liverpool to Leeds to raise £20,000 for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Cougars team members will meet them at Warehouse Swing Bridge, in Kildwick, on Thursday, May 8. The club’s players will give the Fishers and their friends a much-needed break while they take over and pull the barge to Booth’s Swing Bridge, in Riddlesden.

The five-day event is in memory of Julie Robinson, 48, from Leeds, who defied doctors by surviving for 21 months after they gave her only eight weeks when she was diagnosed with aggressive small cell disease.

People can donate by going to virginmoneygiving.com/ team/BARGEPULL.