A Coroner has ordered canal bosses to inspect and, if necessary, make repairs to a footbridge in Skipton where a 68-year-old man suffered fatal injuries when he slipped.

Ian Martin was found at the bottom of the steps in Gas Street, on Tuesday, January 9, an inquest heard. It appeared he slipped and fell when crossing from Skipton bus station to meet his wife, Jane.

Mrs Martin (pictured), who works at the Listening for Life Centre at Bradford Royal Infirmary, said her husband, a retired teacher, was fit, active and agile, and she blamed the state of the steps for his death.

She told Coroner Rob Turnbull: “When people realised what had happened to Ian, I got a number of people telling me they were worried about the steps and ‘didn’t go near them’ when it was wet and icy.”

Mr Turnbull recorded a verdict that Mr Martin, of Home Croft, Threshfield, had died as a result an accident. But he said: “I will be preparing a report to those responsible for the steps to inspect them and make repairs where appropriate and also to deal with the lighting.”