A world premiere of screenings of old films – the earliest dating back to 1903 – from the National Media Museum’s collection is taking place to live music.

Three-piece band Metamono will be accompanying archive short films all linked to nature.

Performing on recycled and handmade equipment, Metamono eschew digital audio, drawing instead on contemporary popular and art music as well as early silent cinema scores.

The band will perform new pieces accompanying a selection of early British science and natural history films dating from 1903 to 1927.

The films used new techniques at the very edges of the technology of the day, such as time lapse and micro-cinematography to reveal aspects of nature never seen before.

Flowers open before the audience’s eyes, fungus grows from a fly’s footprints, a cuckoo pushes its siblings from the nest, and the surface of Stilton cheese becomes akin to a zoo – these British Instructional Films were great hits in their time.

The screenings take place at the National Media Museum, as part of Bradford International Film Festival, tomorrow at 9pm.