A woman who has helped tackle violence in Chicago talked about gang culture and community conflict on a visit to Bradford.

More than 100 people – young, old and from across the community – listened to Ameena Matthews when she spoke at Sharing Voices in Manningham.

Ameena promoted community cohesion in her home city and talked about ways to resolve conflict and establish a peaceful community – but she warned of a potentially ominous future for UK cities.

“The UK doesn’t have it so bad,” she said. “But if you don’t get a hold of it right now you will be caught up in the same issues that the USA is facing, such as poor education, poor food and poor housing.”

She added: “I just hope I can provide some spiritual survival tool kits to each and every one of the listeners.”

The event, entitled Poetic Justice, was organised by Councillors Ishtiaq Ahmed (Ind, Manningham) and Mohammad Shabbir (Ind, Heaton).

Councillor Ahmed said: “It is about learning how to deal with these issues. We are absolutely delighted to have Ameena here – it is an honour to have her speak.”