The following have been dealt with by Bradford Magistrates: Julie Barbara Palmer, aged 38, of Fearnville Drive, Laisterdyke; driving without a licence, no separate penalty; driving without insurance, £100 fine, £105 costs, licence en dorsed. Sammi Obaid, aged 20, of Heaton Royds Shay Lane, Heaton; two counts of theft, community order made with 100 hours unpaid work, £160 costs. Arron William Brett, aged 18, of Southlands Road, Riddlesden, Keighley; theft, attempted burglary, community order made with curfew, £135 costs. Andrew Malcolm Creek, aged 42, of Oakroyd Villas, North Avenue, Clifton Villas; three counts of theft, community order made. John Darren Daly, aged 40, of Paradise Fold, Clayton; theft, possession of articles for use in course of theft, jailed for four months suspended for 12 months, £80 costs. David Samuel Dutton, aged 27, of Harrogate Street, Undercliffe; criminal damage, harassment, six months conditional discharge, £100 compensation, £100 costs. John Derbyshire, aged 60, of no fixed abode; drunk and disorderly, failure to surrender to custody, six months conditional discharge, £15 costs. Christopher David Johnson, aged 33, of Glen Road, Baildon, Shipley; four counts of assault, application to revoke community order made, granted, dealt with for original offence of assault, jailed for five months; resisting an officer, criminal damage, no separate penalty. Stanislaw Marislav Schmidt, aged 55, of Minnie Street, Knowle Park, Keighley; assault, community order made with curfew, £60 compensation; failure to surrender to custody, £50 fine, £20 costs. Paul Woodhead, aged 43, of Queen’s Road, Manningham; two counts of drunk and disorderly, two counts of failure to surrender to custody, six months conditional discharge, £165 costs. Aaron Benjamin Barnsley, aged 28, of Brackenhill Mews; criminal damage, jailed for 29 days; failure to stop after an accident, no separate penalty. Kabitr Hussain, aged 45, of Selborne Grove, Heaton; obstructing a highway, £70 fine, £105 costs. Jason Scott Murphy, aged 41, of Cliffe Terrace, Baildon, Shipley; theft, jailed for 16 weeks. Sharon Elizabeth Roberts, aged 53, of Norwood Avenue, Shipley Fields, Shipley; theft, jailed for 12 weeks suspended for 12 months. £260 compensation. Samuel John Smith, aged 33, of Frizley Gardens, Frizinghall; two counts of assault, jailed for 20 weeks suspended for 12 months; £400 compensation, £180 costs. Katherine Helen Jackson, aged 27, of Milton Street, Heckmondwike; drink-driving, £400 fine, £190 costs, banned from driving for 23 months. Robert Jackson Murray Hill, aged 34, of Ashgrove, Little Horton; theft, jailed for 12 weeks.

We wish to point out that all the information in this court file is provided by the magistrates’ court, which collates the details largely from prosecutors and the police. In calculating the amount of any fine, the court takes into account the income of the offender as well as the seriousness of the offence.