Householders were shocked after a car ploughed through gardens in the early hours yesterday.

Residents in Coronation Mount, Braithwaite, Keighley, had a rude awakening as the Renault Clio careered off the road just after 4am.

Police found it perched precariously on the pavement above the houses. They arrested two women on suspicion of drink driving.

The car had first knocked down part of Joanne Saville’s driveway gate at the junction with West Lane before demolishing the entire garden fence next door.

Residents spent yesterday morning examining the damage. The car narrowly avoided plunging down an embankment into the house, shared by Joanne and daughters Kirsten, 19, Lucy, 13, and Georgia, 11.

Joanne said: “One of my daughters was in the front bedroom. They were all shocked and upset.

“My Land Rover Discovery was parked on the pavement. The car missed it but took my fence and gate and the next-door fence.

“The car has come down the pavement. It was half on the pavement and its Renault badge was in my garden.” A man at a nearby house in Coronation Mount, who did not want to be named, said he slept through the crash but was woken when police arrived.

He said: “The little lad came into the bedroom and said he couldn’t sleep because of the flashing lights. I felt a bit startled.”

He said that when he went outside he discovered the car was in the garden, with two wheels still on the pavement.

Police said officers were called at 4.42am and the vehicle was removed shortly after 6am.

The spokesman added: “Two women, aged 22 and 20, were arrested on suspicion of drink driving.”