A psychotic drug addict found semi-naked and confused outside his house after setting it on fire was today warned he faces being locked up indefinitely if he is convicted of another arson offence.

Mohammed Aslam, 52, had no recollection of starting the blaze at his terrace home in Washington Street, Girlington, Bradford, at about 8.30am on May 31 last year, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Aslam, who was bailed back to the house last month while a probation report was prepared, pleaded guilty to arson being reckless as to whether life would be endangered.

Prosecutor Camille Morland told the court today that Aslam used paper to start the fire in the living room.

Smoke seeped into neighbouring homes and a woman next door had to wake her husband who was sleeping in bed at he time.

Although people were frightened and inconvenienced, the blaze caused only limited damage.

Aslam was found outside the property, where he lived with his partner, and said he had no memory of setting it alight.

Miss Morland said Aslam had a previous conviction for supplying drugs but had never committed the offence of arson before.

Aslam’s barrister, Emma Downing, said he was free from psychotic illness now he had given up taking Class A drugs.

While on bail over the last month, there had been no concerns about his behaviour in the community.

He was voluntarily attending The Bridge Project to help him stay free from illegal drugs.

He was being treated at Lynfield Mount hospital in Bradford and Miss Downing said a psychiatrist would continue to monitor his progress.

Judge Colin Burn sentenced Aslam to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years, with supervision.

A high level Drug Rehabilitation Requirement means he must come back to court for monthly progress reviews.

Judge Burn reserved any breaches of the order to himself, telling Aslam: “Setting light to items in a terraced house is creating a very real danger of people being seriously injured or worse.”

He added: “If you have another psychotic episode and set another fire you will go to prison indefinitely. It is a very clear choice, Mr Aslam.”