A workshop dealing with the “great deal” of misunderstanding surrounding emotional eating problems will take place in Shipley.

The two-hour session will look to help people to understand the issues and learn how to take control of their eating habits. It will also examine how the mind creates behaviour patterns.

Liam Dent, a Keighley-based hypnotherapist and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, is hosting the session at Shipley and Saltaire Wellness Centre in Dockfield Road.

He will explore the biological and psychological reasons behind emotional eating, why feelings are linked to certain types of foods, understanding the part of our mind that knows which sensible foods we should eat and the part of our mind that ignores it, and understanding the ways the mind can work to help in achieving goals.

David Procter, who owns the centre, said: “Our ethos is about helping people to improve their whole health and wellbeing – particularly through good nutrition. We want to do something practical in support of this campaign and we feel the emotional eating workshop gives an opportunity to highlight the issues.

“Liam’s knowledge of the workings of the mind enables him to delve a little bit deeper and help people to understand what actually causes a certain pattern of behaviour to arise – and importantly, what they can do to begin to tackle any issues.”

A spokesman for Beat, which is an eating disorder charity, said: “We are learning more all the time of the reasons why someone develops an emotional problem with eating. The illnesses are complex and a whole range of different factors combine such as genetic, psychological, environmental, social and biological influences.

“There is still a great deal of myth and misunderstanding surrounding them and it is important that individuals get the emotional support they need to help them overcome these debilitating conditions.”

Today is the last day of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which was spearheaded by Beat. The workshop is on Saturday, April 5, from 2pm to 4pm. To book a place call (01274) 585566 or visit shipleysaltairewellnesscentre.co.uk.