Bradford Council’s proposals for land use has been branded “unsound” by Baildon Town Council because it contains too many houses without any improvements to roads.

Town Councillor Peter Ashton helped compile the attack on the plan. He said: “To suggest a further 450 houses should be built in Baildon and that there will be future economic development in Lower Baildon, such as the flagship Buck Lane development on Otley Road in addition to those already in the pipeline will make traffic congestion in this area critical.

“Baildon Town Council believes that the Local Plan for Bradford is unsound in that it requires further house building and commercial development within Baildon without the necessary infrastructure and transport improvements being guaranteed.”

And the town council believes it is vital that Bradford Council seeks funding for the Shipley Eastern Link Road “with increased vigour” and that any development east of the River Aire should only take place after that road is built.

Councillor Val Slater, the Council's executive member for housing, planning and transport, countered: “It is vitally important that we have a robust local plan in order to ensure that we get the right development in the right places in order to protect our prized landscape and not be vulnerable to development in unsuitable areas.

“We have gone through an exhaustive process of evidence gathering and consultation in order to come up with the plan agreed by Council on December 10.

“We understand the concerns raised by communities with regards to the impact of growth, in particular the capacity of services and infrastructure.”

She said Baildon Town Council’s will be looked at during a public inquiry later this year.