Firefighters from West Yorkshire are in Somerset helping with flood relief.

The crew of 11 from Stanningley Fire Station has expertise in high volume pump operation and are supporting Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service.

They arrived on Sunday and are initially expected to be assisting until 6pm Wednesday but may stay until Saturday. They were working about eight miles north of Taunton, in Fordgate, North Moor, Bridgwater.

Station Commander for Stanningley Alan Jordan said: “We are moving water into a canal to alleviate the lowland flooding. Some houses in the area have been breached and have been evacuated. There are other houses under similar threat which we are endeavouring to save.

“The weather is not too bad at the moment but tomorrow the forecast is not good so it could all change.”

The crews are working into the early hours.

“We have spoken to a local resident who is in a cottage next door to where we are working and he is in a position where his back garden is under two inches of water at the moment. He is on standby to evacuate and we are trying to save his house,” Mr Jordan added.

Assistance from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service was requested by the Fire and Rescue Services National Co-ordination Centre.