A Vietnamese man caught tending a cannabis farm hidden under the floor of a Bradford house told the police he thought the crop was ingredients for a restaurant menu.

Phu Pham, 43, is on trial at Bradford Crown Court denying the production of cannabis at a property in Nurser Place, Little Horton, on September 23.

Prosecutor Philip Standfast said the curtains were drawn at the property.

Pham answered the door to the police who heard a whirring noise and detected a strong smell of cannabis.

Pham showed them to a corner of the living room where 70 skunk cannabis plants were concealed under the floor behind a black curtain.

Mr Standfast said the crop was two weeks away from being harvested. If split into street deals, the three kilo yield could have sold on the streets for up to £27,000.

The electricity supply at the house had been bypassed to power the factory.

Mr Standfast told the jury yesterday Pham sobbed when he was arrested.

He said had paid US$8,000 to be smuggled into the UK from Russia.

Pham said he did not realise the plants were cannabis. He thought they were ingredients for restaurant dishes.

The trial continues.