A jobless misfit who raped two teenage girls later warned police officers he thought he was capable of murder, a court heard.

Patrick Sallabank, 20, first raped a 16-year-old girl at a party in Bradford and while on police bail he raped a schoolgirl, also 16, in Bridlington three months later.

After the second rape, Sallabank rang police to confess and during a police interview he said: “I worry the rapes could happen again. It could go to rape again… or rape to murder. It could go to anything, with the thoughts I have. It’s not good.”

Sallabank, of Upper Rushton Road, Bradford Moor hung his head in shame as he pleaded guilty to two rapes and appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court yesterday.

But he showed no emotion as he was told he would be given an 18-year extended prison sentence. Judge Mark Bury told him he would serve a recommended 12 years and then be on licence for six years.

His first victim had gone to a party on July 13 and gone to sleep in an attic when she woke to find Sallabank on top of her. She pretended to be asleep as he raped her without protection.

He had been on a three-day drink binge. His pals found out about the rape and began to chase him – but he got away only to be arrested by the police.

During an interview at Trafalgar House police station in Bradford he denied the rape, so he was bailed.

He fled to live in Bridlington fearing reprisals, but struck again on October 10 while attending a party where he was accused of plying his 16-year-old victim with cider and whisky.

He saw his chance when she went to her flat in a shared house to get more drink and the door shut behind her. He pushed her on to the bed.

“He said: ‘we’ll talk’. She said: ‘No we are not!’ ” said Crown barrister Jharna Jobes. “He said she was beautiful. She said she was calling her boyfriend. He snatched her telephone from her. He raped her as she kept saying: “No!” He said: “It’s all right”.

He left the house and went to a telephone box and called the police saying “I want to admit two rapes.”

During police interview he told police: “I did not have thoughts of rape until after it happened. I have thoughts of shooting and stabbing. There is this one person I want to take to a pig farm. Tie him down and slash him. Nails off. Hair off and feed him to pigs while I watch. I have got thoughts of rape, thoughts of murder, thoughts of assault, everything.” Asked how long for he said: “For a few years.”

His barrister Chloe Fairley said: “He has an emotional unstable personality made worse by drink. He had violence from his father and witnessed violence against his mother. His parents were both alcoholics.

Sentencing Sallabank, Judge Bury said: “I have come to the clear conclusion you are a dangerous offender, a danger to the public and a high risk of committing serious specified sexual offences in the future.

“You are a specific danger to teenage girls. There were serious aggravating features. These girls were vulnerable. One was asleep, drink was involved and an element of detention.”