Rhythm expert Martin Henderson inspired Cowling children to raise the roof with a drumming workshop.

The Gill Lane school was filled with sound as junior pupils leapt at the chance to hit the beat and learn to play the samba drums.

Martin, who runs Jamba Samba in Keighley, led the percussion workshops, teaching children to perform a variety of rhythms and keep time.

Pupils had the opportunity to play a range of drums exploring how size affected the sound of each instrument.

Headteacher Sue Marshall said: “The children had a lot of fun in the workshops and the urge to have a go was irresistible! Our pupils also discovered how hard drummers work.

“The effort and concentration involved challenged the pupils as they strived to maintain the tempo and changing rhythms.

“The sound of the drums reverberated through school and I was really impressed with how well the children worked together to create their own samba band.”