Yorkshire Water has been praised as being “at the forefront” of responding to climate change.

The praise, which came from the Climate Change Partnership for Yorkshire and Humber, comes after the publication of the Bradford-based company’s climate change strategy.

The strategy describes the challenges facing the region’s water and waste water services from drier summers, more extreme storms and rising sea levels.

It also sets out the company’s plans to respond to the changing climate.

Jon Clubb, of the Climate Change Partnership for Yorkshire and Humber, said: “I am pleased to see Yorkshire Water is among those at the forefront of responding to the serious challenges we face from extreme weather and the changing climate.

“The resilience of our critical infrastructure assets are key to the long-term vitality of our communities and businesses, whatever the weather. Reducing our emissions goes hand-in-hand with being well-adapted to a changing climate – so it’s also right that they are making Yorkshire’s water supply more sustainable by making renewable energy from our sewage waste and reducing their carbon emissions.”

Gordon Rogers, Yorkshire Water’s climate change strategy manager, said: “The great news is that doing the right thing can go hand-in-hand with keeping water bills as low as possible for the long-term.”