David Ward has accused his party leader Nick Clegg of caving in to a “right wing agenda”, after refusing to back an immigration crackdown.

The Bradford East MP was one of only three Liberal Democrats who voted against the controversial Immigration Bill, which sailed through the Commons.

The Bill hit the headlines after 87 Conservative backbenchers revolted over curbs on the deportation of foreign criminals.

Mr Ward said: “It is wrong to expect registered landlords to become Home Office agents, required to make judgments about people’s nationality.

“I’m also worried about the treatment of children because of the measures directed at foreign criminals. They may be entitled to be in this country, but will be swept up by this.

“And we are talking about removing citizenship from people – from suspects, not criminals – and making those people stateless. It’s poor legislation.”

Gerry Sutcliffe, the Bradford South MP, was among around 20 Labour MPs who defied the whip to vote against the measure, while the bulk of the party abstained.

The measure is likely to be rejected in the Lords, which could set the stage for a larger revolt on a measure announced the day before the vote.