RSPCA condemns owners who left neglected horses to die in Thornbury

6:00am Friday 31st January 2014

By Rhys Thomas

The RSPCA has condemned the owners of horses found so emaciated they had to be destroyed.

A desperately-ill, badly-malnourished foal was found in Thornbury, Bradford. About two hours later, another dead horse was found nearby in Dick Lane.

Both animals appear to have been kept loose on a former golf course next to Gallagher Leisure Park, off Dick Lane. The foal is thought to have been only three or four months old.

RSPCA inspector Emma Ellis said a member of the public alerted the charity to the stricken horses.

“The condition that both of these horses were in was absolutely disgraceful,” she said.

“The first one would have been dead by the end of the day, and the second one was pretty much dead, before we ended their suffering.

“Whoever owns them should be ashamed for letting them get in that state. It is absolutely horrendous.”

Russell, Todd, who works in security at the leisure park, said. “It is really sad. It was a foal that had been neglected and had collapsed on the edge of our car park.

“Seeing a young foal dead in a car park is quite sickening. The RSPCA picking up two dead horses in one day is not good.”

Miss Ellis and Mr Todd both said that loose horses were an on-going problem on the former golf course.

“We deal with horses on Dick Lane all the time,” said Miss Ellis. “There are always horses being supposedly dumped there, but we can never prove who owns them.”

Mr Todd said: “Numerous horses are left to run loose there. At one point last year I counted 25 horses on there. I have more respect for animals than I have for some people.”

Councillor Andrew Thornton, Bradford Council’s executive member for environment and sport, said: “The Council and its partners are committed to working together to minimise the impact of this activity. Loose and illegally tethered horses pose a real danger and nuisance to the public.

“We expect all horse owners to act responsibly, but some do not. Where this is the case, we and our partners will take steps to protect the public and the unfortunate animals.”


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