The main concern of patients in Kirklees is why they struggle to get an appointment with their GP.

An investigation by consumer watchdog Healthwatch Kirklees considered the responses of more than 400 patients over the last six months.

The investigation report’s author, Healthwatch advisor Clare Costello, said: “This has been the defining issue for the organisation since we started. Every group of patients we have sat down with, without exception, have raised issues about difficulties they have in getting appointments with their GP.

“Demand for GP appointments has increased significantly in the last 15 years. This is not just a Kirklees problem.”

As for tackling the problem, she said: “We’ve seen some really interesting ideas for opening up access to appointments. From online booking systems to patients being able to ring and speak directly to a GP, some practices are responding to their patients feedback, and changing the way that they work.”