A car parking company is being investigated by an industry watchdog after Bradford Council complained it was operating illegally in the city centre.

West Yorkshire Parking Enforcement, a private company based in Bradford, has been contacted by the British Parking Association after the Council reported it had been issuing tickets without appropriate warning signs.
The complaint relates to Summerville Road where motorists say they have been issued tickets on sections of a road where parking should not be prohibited.
Mubasher Ghafoor, 26, of Malsis Road, Keighley, overturned a £90 parking ticket issued by WYPE on Summerville Road last September after arguing the no parking sign nearest to his car was obstructed.
He also argued the street was an adopted road from pavement to pavement, meaning his car was legally parked on a public street.
“I parked on the road, and definitely not on the pavement,” said Mr Ghafoor. “Clearly, if the company thought it was in the right, it would have pursued the matter.”
Mr Ghafoor was told his notice should serve as a “warning”, and that future infringements would not be looked upon in the same manner.
A Bradford Council Parking Services spokesman said: "It has been reported to us that West Yorkshire Parking Enforcement has been issuing tickets in the Summerville Road area for cars parked on some areas around the front of businesses which might be classed as private land. However, there are no signs to show that this company is operating in the area.
“We have previously complained about WYPE using illegal signage in the city centre, and will contact the BPA about this area.”
A BPA spokesman, who confirmed that the association had contacted WYPE about the complaint on January 17, said: “We can confirm we have received a complaint regarding West Yorkshire Parking Enforcement, which is a member of our Approved Operator Scheme. We are treating this incident extremely seriously.”
When the Telegraph & Argus visited Summerville Road, WYPE signs could be seen on industrial containers outside AMC Foods.
A spokesman for WYPE said: “We are aware of the ongoing investigation, and are working closely with the BPA to resolve the matter.”