This summer’s instalment of a Keighley and Worth Valley heritage bus tour will feature increased passenger fares and revamped promotion to attract more families.

The changes were agreed at the latest meeting of the Bronte Country Tourism Partnership.

The Keighley and four valleys grand heritage tour, which takes people around the district’s historic sights, started in 2012 and involves a double decker bus, driven by Keighley Bus Museum Trust member Graham Mitchell, and run on contract to the BCTP.

This year the tour will run every Saturday and Sunday from July 26 to August 31, and also during the bank holiday on August 25.

Partnership members agreed to 2014 fares of £4 for adults, £10 for family groups and £2 concessions.

Haworth tour guide Johnnie Briggs argued it should be possible to charge passengers more, as the tour is a great attraction in its own right.

“We’ve got to cover costs, and a family ticket of £15 is very good value,” he said.

However, Janet Aldridge, of Haworth Visitor Information Centre, said: “I think £15 for a family is too much - £10 should be the ceiling.”

Responding to comments that the tour promotional leaflet was not family friendly enough, Mr Mitchell said: “The design is very similar to the leaflets you get advertising bus tours in places like London, Oxford and York.”