Council workers have been rapped for using too much jargon in public documents.

Councillor Lynne Smith, chairman of Bradford Council’s Governance and Audit Committee, said she was baffled by what parts of a Council report meant, and she suspected the public would be confused too.

She said: “We need to ask ourselves when we read a report, whether the man on the 96 bus will actually be able to make sense of it.

“We are still getting reports that contain too much jargon for my liking.”

Coun Smith was prompted to speak out after the meeting had considered a report into the new Producer City business drive.

In October, a ‘jargon-free’ version of a Council report into emissions had to be drawn up after the public complained they didn’t understand parts of it.

In July, Councillor Simon Cooke complained about a jargon at a meeting of the Bradford and Airedale Health and Wellbeing Board.