The son of a retired police officer has been jailed for two years for “a gratuitous and violent assault” on a vulnerable young woman.

Daniel Saville, 30, used his victim’s head like a punchbag and held a pillow over her face, Bradford Crown Court was told.

Saville, formerly of Queensbury, Bradford, was yesterday afternoon convicted of causing the woman actual bodily harm in August last year.

The jury acquitted him of charges of rape and sexual assault.

The woman told the court Saville punched her in his van and followed up the attack at her home.

She said he was so enraged he smashed the window of a nearby flat with a sweeping brush.

The jury was told Saville was “going proper crazy” with an evil look on his face as he beat the woman.

He put a pillow over his victim’s mouth and pressed it down on her.

Prosecutor Ian Brook said she suffered blunt trauma injuries consistent with being in a struggle and being hit.

A police doctor found the woman to have 14 separate sites of injury on her head and body, although none was very serious.

When police went to arrest Saville at his workplace, he ran out of the building and then walked menacingly towards a female officer. Mr Brook said she had to use CS spray on him and another officer jabbed him with a baton.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said Saville was from a decent and highly-respectable family.

He told Saville: “This was a sustained physical beating with fists to both head and body.”

The judge labelled it a “wicked attack” on a vulnerable young woman in her own home.

He said Saville was a well-built man, much bigger than his victim.

He made a restraining order without limit of time barring Saville from having any future contact with the woman.