A Bradford foodbank is urging anyone who bought too much food over Christmas and New Year to donate the excess to help struggling families across the district.

Lashman Singh, founder of Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank, said it was expecting the busiest January and February in its history as people grapple with the cost of the festive period.

The charity has already seen its demand increase seven-fold since two years ago, with the number of food parcels being distributed rising from 141 in January, 2012, to 820 last October.

Mr Singh said: “At the moment food is going out very rapidly.

“January and February are times when people who have taken out loans over Christmas will start to repay them, as well as paying their rent, mortgage or just bills.

“It’s the point where reality steps in and they start to worry about money.

“However, there will be other people in the district who have bought too much food over Christmas and New Year.

“I’d like to appeal to them to give that food to charities in the area, including ours, because it could be a massive help to families struggling to make ends meet.”

Mr Singh, who set up the charity nine years ago, said a lot of people went “hyper” over Christmas and New Year by taking advantage of bulk-buying deals at supermarkets.

“There will be people who’ve bought more than they need. People who’ve taken advantage of a two for one because they’ve not been able to resist temptation. They’ll have food that will just sit in their cupboards, which could make a difference to someone in crisis.”

The charity is asking for donations of non-perishable items, including tins of meat, fish, soup, spaghetti, beans, vegetables, fruit, rice pudding and custard.

It also needs jars of coffee, sauce, jams, preserves and pickles as well as packets of sugar, tea, cereal, rice, pasta, cous cous, cereal and snack bars.

To find out more about making donations to Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank, visit bradfordfoodbank.com.