Dozens of Saltaire residents say plans to create more parking spaces at neighbouring offices will rob them of their “front garden.”

Bradford Council has been flooded with objections to an application by the Bradford District Care Trust for their New Mill offices.

The trust wants to re-configure one of the car parks at its Saltaire base to create 12 spaces. The building is part of a mixed-use site, and is attached to Riverside Mills, a converted apartment building next to the River Aire containing 97 flats.

The residents who have objected say 100 square metres of vegetation and landscaping will be pulled up, and likened it to having their front garden concreted over. Many of the flats and communal areas in the building overlook the area in question.

Almost 40 people have now objected, and residents have even contacted Shipley MP Philip Davies.

Resident Les Brook said that he and his neighbours felt the works would be a huge waste of money. They estimate it will cost the taxpayer £30,000. They fear it could lead to more traffic.

Mr Brook said: “The view from Riverside Court will be dominated by cars and tarmac. Not only has no justification for these changes been offered to the council, none has been offered to Riverside Court’s 97 leaseholders who purchased their share of this lovely site in good faith.

“Paving the residents’ ‘front garden’ will damage views and result in a significant loss of amenity.”

Andrew Morris, deputy director of estates and facilities at the Trust, said: “We have made considerable savings in recent years. One of the ways this has been achieved is by making the best use of all our buildings. Linked to this programme we are making better use of our New Mill site to accommodate additional staff, due to this we need to improve our car parking facilities.

“Plans have been submitted for additional car parking spaces at New Mill but we are carefully considering a number of options available to us.

“Relationships with our local community are incredibly important to us. Should the application be approved and work proceed, we would ensure the work carried out represents best value for money and that it is achieved with minimal inconvenience to our neighbours.”

Bradford Council will decide on the application early next month.